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Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Management in Russia

One of the areas of state policy in the sphere of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management is the provision of environmental safety for the population.
On the basis of general legal principles, the state policy of Russia on radioactive waste (RW) and spent nuclear fuel (SNF) management, should not contradict the fundamental rights and legitimate interests of its citizens. The right to a favorable environment, ecological and radiation safety, and sustainable use of natural resources belongs both to the current and future generations. These rights are legally important and they must determine the essence of adopted normative acts. For this purpose the state policy of RW and SNF management cannot contradict the national environmental policy.

Russian and international non-governmental organizations have their own opinion on the problem of RW and SNF disposal outlined in various documents. NGO members of the  DECOMMISSION International Network have been analysing the experience of safe disposal of RW and SNF for over ten years.
This analysis is based on the official printed state documents and positions of the NGOs – members of the DECOMMISSION International Network.

  Authors: Oleg Bodrov, Andrey Talevlin, Kjersti Album, Yngvild Lorentzen, Daria Matveenkova etc.          Russian version                                  2018 
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