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Everything in our power!

The film tells about development of an anti-nuclear nongovernmental organization struggling for closure of one nuclear power plant (NPP) in Maine (USA). The Maine Yankee NPP was the first one decommissioned according to the «green field» principle. The characters of the film recall their fight for closure of the NPP which was difficult and joyful and the road they had chosen once made them steeled in battle.
Raymond Shadis, leader of NGO Friends of the Coast, with the support of his wife Patricia and a small group of friends through the unbelievable efforts and at the expense of hardship had managed to get together a group of activists who over the time of many years did their best to initiate decommissioning of the Maine Yankee plant.

Authors: Oleg Bodrov, Gennady Shabarin                                                        Russian version                                                                  2010  
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