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Baltic Nuclear Triangle

Today on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea near borders of three countries: Lithuania, Belarus and Russia, three projects of huge nuclear power plants are being implemented practically at the same time. The synchronicity of initiation and development of these projects gave an idea to observers to call them in combination the Baltic Nuclear Triangle This small territory faced a real fight for nuclear power production. Who needs these huge NPPS? And why are they being built? Experts, leaders of NGOs, politicians and residents of the region think, protest and act, trying to confront the monsters from nuclear power industry. Igor Shkradyuk, energy expert: In case of serious aggravation of the situation between these countries, NPPs within few kilometers from the border can become a threat to energy security and the overall security. An emergency at one of these three NPPs will lead to the inevitable pollution of the other states’ territories. How will these countries adjust their relations, while solving problems of consequences and responsibility for people’s health and lives?

Author: Oleg Bodrov, Gennady Shabarin                                                          Russian version                                                                  2013 
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