<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONrpfBOwkDc" target="_blank">Vermont State against Vermont Yankee</a>

Vermont State against Vermont Yankee

Video-documentary about the motives of mass construction of nuclear power plants in the United States, from the perspective of participants in the decision-making, and the reasons for the phase-out of nuclear power plant construction.
For example, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant shows the role of stakeholders in the NPP decommissioning, the role of operators, the national regulator (NRC) and the state government and the public, and those who use the court to uphold their positions. The film tells about the difficult path of finding solutions that suit all interested parties.
The video-documentary may be interesting for NPPs operators, officials, and the public in nuclear regions.
Production:»Green World» 2012
Authors: Oleg Bodrov, Gennady Shabarin                                                    Russian version                                                                  2011  
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