<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCmcvyctVrU" target="_blank">Wasteland</a>


The documentary is about the environmental consequences of the Mayak plant in the Ural Region, Russia. The Mayak facility is a secret plant intended for weapon-grade plutonium production and spent nuclear fuel reprocessing. During the 60 years of its activity dozens of thousands square kilometers of the Russian territory was contaminated with the discharge of radioactive waste and became wasteland. As a result, hundred thousands people fell victim to the Mayak activity.
Thanks to many years’ efforts of Gosman Kabirov and Milya Kabirova (NGO “Techa”), Natalia Mironova (NGO «Movement for Nuclear Safety») and many other social activists, resettlement process was commenced in the radioactive village of Muslumovo on the Techa river in the Chelyabinsk Region .
Nevertheless, the spent nuclear fuel is being sent to Mayak. The discharge of radioactive waste continuously contaminates the environment. Nuclear energy consumers in the North-West Russia consider this industry clean and cheap and bear no social responsibility for safety of the region where spent nuclear fuel is transported.

Authors: Oleg Bodrov, Gennady Shabarin, Mikhail Ryzhov                                     Russian version                                                                  2009 
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