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When the Times Comes

Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) reactor decommissioning becomes an increasingly pressing problem of the world as more than 400 reactors approach their design lifetime limit 30-40 years of operation. The film tells about NPP decommissioning in Sweden, Germany and Lithuania; about problems, which municipal authorities and communities have to face in the towns with economy oriented on nuclear technologies.
In more detail the film shows the life of Lithuanian nuclear town Visaginas, next to which Ignalina NPP having 2 RBMK-1500 (Chernobyl type) reactors is prepared for decommissioning in 2009. Thanks to the efficient interaction of authorities, business and public of Lithuania the crisis situation of reactor shutdown was transformed into the creative process of opening up new perspectives for the 33 000 people living in the municipality.

Authors: Oleg Bodrov, Gennady Shabarin                                                      Russian version                                                                  2006   
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